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Estate Planning 

Whenever possible, I prepare estate planning documents for a fixed-fee that is agreed upon in advance, as opposed to hourly billing. The fees reflect the time and effort involved with your type of estate and the value of the services provided. I am usually able to quote a rate at the conclusion of our first meeting for basic services such as Wills, Simple Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Advance Medical Directives.  Luckily, since initial consultations are FREE, you risk nothing by scheduling an appointment!

Guardian ad litem 
Because Guardianship proceedings are unique to each individual and are time intensive, I am unable to provide a fixed fee. I charge $175 per hour for out of court and $200 for in court time.  If the the potential ward is indigent, the judge overseeing the case will set a fee. It is usually based on $55 per hour for out of court and $75 for in court time, which will be paid by the state.

I look forward to working with you to create a comprehensive plan to protect yourself and your loved ones.